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On a 11"x14" canvas, you'll have 3 paint technique options:

Quote on Canvas ($25)- Pick your favorite quote or song lyric, then we'll walk you through how to use our hot mess technique to apply your stencil and get colorful words on your canvas. 

Acrylic Pour on Canvas ($30)-We'll set up a super colorful buffet of paint pour cups, then instruct your guests in the Paint Pour method.  We do this project on the back porch & it can get messy.  The paintings stay at Gander Studio for 2-3 days, (until they're completely dry).  We will email you when they are ready to be picked up. 

Paint on Canvas ($25)- Think Bob Ross meets Gander Studio. Pick a scene and we'll walk you through how to paint it with paint colors and blending techniques. 



kids graphic phrase

Quote on canvas using hot mess technique


Paint Pour


Painting on Canvas

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