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Each adorable Valentine is of 1/8" engraved wood.  These may be personalized by engraving the child's name. 

Phrases include: "DOH YOU want to be my Valentine?"; "You are DOH-TALLY AWESOME!"; "DOH NOT forget how special you are!"; "You are WON-DOH-FUL!"; "You are A-DOH-ABLE!"; "You are DOH-BEST!"      

There will be a combination of 5 different sayings and multiple colors of  Play Doh.  Colors & sayings vary and will selected at random.  Each 10 pack will include at least one of each saying. 

Personalization:  please give us your child's name, below, and it will be engraved on each card. 

Play Doh Class Pack of 10 Valentines

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